Products and Solutions


Innov Engineering designs are entirely customized to suit the need and specifications of our customers.

Innov Engineering Offerings
  • Heavy section mills
  • For beams, channels, shipbuilding, special sections, and sheet piles
  • Versatile heavy medium section mills
  • A wide range of products - reversing mills, semi-continuous, and fully-continuous mills.
  • Light section mills
  • Bar mills: Blooming mills roll billets from ingots or large continuous-cast input stock. Our bar mills manufacture high-quality and stainless steel products,
  • Latest design technologies
  • Improving overall equipment
  • Mill performance with targeted upgrades

We offer multi-strand slit rolling technology that can be adapted to rolling mills with a minimum of four final stands in continuous installation. The designs reduce the billet conventionally through the roughing and intermediate rolling mill to produce an acceptable section for the first special shaping pass at the forming stand.

  • Substantial increase in production
  • Reduction in the number of rolling stands
  • Reduction in operation costs

We supply mechanical equipment, automation systems and all the technical support necessary that expands current product range and improves finished product quality.

  • Tailored solutions for applications ranging from construction and building to railways for high-speed and heavy-haul transport.
  • Universal stands with no-housing or housing design provide high rigidity in a compact structure.
Innov Engineering Unique Selling Points
  • Increase productivity
  • Horizontal and vertical straightening systems
  • Stacking systems
  • Adjustable and flexible operation
  • Inline cooling technologies
  • Improved mechanical characteristics
  • Reduced residual stresses

Innov Engineering Pvt. Ltdā€¦ Your best and most trusted partner in the design and delivery of customised equipment and solutions.