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TUNNEL KILN (Coal-Based DRI Plant)

Innov Engineering advanced tunnel kiln technology is arguably the most sufficient and effective method for sponge iron production which allows for economically feasible plants.

The tunnel kilns enable continuous process in that as some materials are beginning to heat at one end of the device, others are being fired in the middle, and more are cooling down at the far end.

Our tunnel kilns ensure high production rate, pre heating of material, efficient and economical cooling, low energy and coal consumption.

Tunnel Kiln Technology Process for Sponge Iron
  • Crushing and screening of raw materials
  • Mixing iron ore, coal and limestone
  • The mixed iron ore, coal and limestone are charged in storage bins in certain ratios.
  • Raw materials mix is charged in SiC crucibles through an automatic charging system
  • Crucibles are transported by wagons to the tunnel kiln
  • Crucibles are preheated, reduced and cooled
  • Sponge iron is produced
  • Crushing of product takes place
  • The end product being iron powder or sponge iron cold briquettes
Main Machineries of Sponge Iron Production Plant through Tunnel Kiln Technology
  • Material handling
  • Storage equipment
  • Magnetic separators
  • Screens
  • Tunnel kiln
  • Burners
  • Wagons
  • Sic crucibles
  • Charging and dis-charging systems
  • Crushing and milling machines
  • Briquetting machine
  • Iron powder reduction furnace
Design Features and Operational Benefits
  • Consistent, high volume production from units
  • High levels of control giving top quality products
  • Low energy usage and lower cost production
  • Computer controlled to make operation simple and reliable
  • Low maintenance and minimal downtime
  • Storage and handling systems for easy operation
  • Flexibility when required for product variations
  • Reduced internal air movement for a better firing environment
  • Modular construction for assembly prior to shipment
  • Space saving concepts including multiple level installations
  • Automated Robotic or Manual car movement to suit plant situation
  • Monetary savings due to reduction in energy consumption
  • Improvement in skill set of workers
  • Reduction in effluent generation
  • Reduction in GHG emission
  • Reduction in other emissions

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