Products and Solutions


We manufacture metal shredding and recycling plants for processing of scrap metals and non-ferrous materials. Each product is customised according to the needs of our customers.

We offer a complete line of metal shredders, and scrap metal shredding plants from pre-shredder, scrap shredders, to grinder mills designed to provide excellent performance, consistency, low operating costs, and gain the highest results in purity, and cleanliness.

Innov Engineering Pre-shredders

Innov Engineering pre-shredders are designed to process ELVs, sheet metal and other high quality metals in bulk. The pre-shredders back up the shredder operation by processing various scraps in advance. This is sort of a pre-treatment to ensure efficient and safe operation of the shredder.

Features of the Pre-shredders
  • Processing of bulk waste such as ELVs, sheet metal, WEEE, etc.
  • Adjustable compressing blades for easy changeability of throughput and processing size
  • Hydraulic pump and a torque motor for driving
  • Application of mechanism with less impact
  • Automatic control
Customer Benefits
  • Easy processing of pressed scrap bodies and vehicles with wheels and engines
  • Stabilization of operating load of the shredder
  • Improvement of throughput
  • Reduction in power consumption
  • Longer lifespan for shredder consumables
  • Explosion prevention
Innov Engineering Scrap Shredders

Innov Engineering scrap shredders are high performance shredders that process scrap metals crushed by the pre-shredder into uniform and fine granules for high performance. The scrap shredders meet all current and future environmental regulations, and can be applied in scrap yards and steel works.

Mechanical Features of Innov Engineering Scrap Shredders
  • Steel liner
  • Easily changeable hammer/pin removal device
  • Widely open body casing with a hydraulic cylinder
  • Lower damper for uncrushable material outlet
  • Paint, oil and dust flakes or sheds off scrap during crushing process
  • Adjustable granule size of product with the damper system
Customer Benefits
  • Outstanding durability
  • Easy maintenance and inspection
  • Minimizing internal damage caused by uncrushables
  • Possibility of recovering high purity iron

Innov Engineering provides reliable solutions for almost all shredder applications with optimal efficiency:

  • Baled ELVs
  • Aluminium scrap, sheets and profiles
  • UBC, brass, copper
  • WEEE electrical and electronic equipment
  • Electric engines
  • Waste ash from incineration plants
  • Construction and demolition materials
Innov Engineering Grinder Mills

Our grinder mills are designed with strict compliance to the steel industry highest standard.

  • They deliver high quality products.
  • They are Supplied in regular geometrical form, pallet shape
  • Their diameter does not exceed 50 mm.
  • Their thickness is lower than 2 mm.
  • Their fine and homogeneous granulometry ensures quick melting of scrap in the molten steel bath
  • They guarantee homogeneity.
  • They also shred products such as plastics, CIW, ELVs, WEEE, residue and many more.
  • They ensure maximum grading and optimal quality.

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