Products and Solutions


Innov Engineering billet casters are modern high-speed sophisticated continuous casting technology designed for production of best quality billets and blooms for various applications. They are designed with absolute precision to ensure high-product quality, and have the ability to withstand the harshest ambient conditions.

The operational and maintenance costs of our continuous casting technology are very minimal. This makes them highly competitive under current market conditions. Our billet casters meet the requirements for production of large strands of billets and blooms of various sizes from different steel grades, and are used by steelmakers in many countries.

Our Operations

We offer complete range of continuous casting technology for advanced casting solutions that meet the demands for maximum productivity, highest product quality, and operational flexibility.

For bloom production, blooms are directly fed into the bar line while they are still hot. This not only saves energy costs during reheating, but also improves operating safety because there is no need for the use of cranes to handle the blooms.

Our Unique Selling Points
  • Modular design
  • Highest production and maintenance flexibility
  • Automatic, self-tightening water and utility connections
  • Highest quality of the cast strands
  • Machine designs for fast and safe mould exchange
  • Billets (various sizes and shapes)
  • Blooms (various sizes)
  • Dual-use slab/billet and bloom casters
  • Blast furnace ordinary steel, electric arc furnace ordinary steel, special steel, stainless steel
  • Dynamic secondary cooling system and dynamic soft reduction system
InnovEngineers Customer Benefits
  • Energy-saving
  • Power-saving through automated and serialized operational procedures
  • Productivity enhancement through improved capacity utilization and high-speed casting
  • Easy maintainability through easy access to major equipment segments
  • Stable casting and reduction of unstable parts
  • Low energy costs

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