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MODULAR BILLET CASTER (Billet and Bloom Casting)

Innov Engineering offers a wide range of modular continuous casting machines for producing different shapes, sizes and grades of quality billets and blooms based on customer requirements.

Our high-speed casting technology enables existing mini steel plants reach a strand-productivity of 45 t/hour of good quality billets without negative aspects on operation.

Our modular designs are equipped with advanced Level-1 and Level-2 automation systems which allow you to get a maximum of data from the casting-process. They produce billets and blooms that meet and exceed international sophisticated grades.

More so, our highly skilled, trained, qualified and exceptional team of professionals ensures that we provide full automatic operation and computer aided control of the billet quality. With vast experience in the metallurgical process, we have been able improve our designs and upgrade the efficiency of our equipment and technology.

Features and Customer Benefits of Innov Engineering Modular Designs
  • Substantial saving due to reduced scale generation
  • Flexibility of operating each strand independently
  • High-grade components and cutting-edge techniques.
  • High operational fluency
  • Complete support for direct rolling
  • Easy operation
  • Suitability for mini plants
  • Flexible configuration
  • Fast size change, ensuring top performance and maintenance flexibility
  • High surface quality through the properly design of the mould
  • High-accuracy oscillator movements
  • Roll chamber with special lubrication
  • Rigid dummy bar system
  • Torch cutting or cutter with hydraulic shear machine
  • Turn-over cooling bed or pusher type
  • Process and control automation

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