Products and Solutions


Innov Engineering offers, suppliers, and installs most cost-effective and modern reheating furnaces for long products with special technology-driven operations. Our reheating furnaces for long are used for various applications, including reheating billets, seamless pipes, light and heavy sections, blooms, forging and forged products, and slabs homogeneously, and they work with both hot and cold materials.

Our range of products which provides quality, flexible and sustainable operations covers:

  • Walking hearth and pusher furnaces that guarantee low investment processes
  • Walking-beam and refractory beam furnace for more special applications,
  • Tunnel furnaces for thin and semi-thin slabs in mini-mill processes,
  • Rotary hearth  furnaces for reheating round ingots for the production of non- welded tubes or pipes,
  • Furnaces for hardening and tempering tubes and pipes
  • Handling systems associated to the above mentioned furnaces:

Applications and types

Long Products

With years of experience in the design, construction, and installation of reheating furnaces, Innovengineers always meets the increasing demands of the long products market with our effective solutions.

Pipes and Tubes

Rotary hearth, walking beam furnaces

  • We provide fully integrated furnaces for any process tube rolling.
  • Producing seamless tubes with high-end furnaces
  • Advanced combustion systems
  • Complete temperature uniformity
  • Minimum energy consumption.
  • Rotary hearth: full integrated into the rolling process
  • Technically sophisticated systems to the specifics of every single mill, such that even specific process requirements are optimally met
  • Smooth production process and optimum tube quality
  • Most advanced and largest rotary hearth furnaces
  • High capacities and maximum temperature endurance
  • Ability to withstand the high temperatures
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Energy recovery
  • Zero emissions and zero energy consumption
  • Required temperature with maximum precision.
  • Advanced combustion control systems
  • Overall mill process control
  • Final tube quality
Forged Products Furnaces
  • Operational flexibility
  • Reheating efficiency
  • High productivity rotary hearth furnaces for pipe mills
  • Competitive edge for plant operators
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced energy and maintenance costs
  • Flexible, efficient and cost-effective
  • Multiple temperature zones
  • Multi-chamber furnace
Tubes and Pipes
  • Premium quality
  • High quality
  • Desired mechanical properties
Innov Engineering Unique Selling Points
  • In-depth control from single tubes to process overview
  • Complete range of a wide range of advanced heat treatment plants, from quenching and tempering through normalising to annealing
  • Design features for premium tube quality
  • Efficient handling systems for a smooth process
  • Precise temperature for increased tube quality
  • Minimum NOx emissions

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