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Innov Engineering hot-dip galvanizing lines provide durable, long-lasting and economical galvanizing process. We have developed improved galvanizing technology with high efficiency, huge capacities for excellent quality products.

We have practical experience of designing, engineering, erecting and installing modern cold strip processing lines.

Hot-Dip Galvanising Process

The process involves immersing iron or steel in a bath of molten zinc to produce a corrosion resistant, multi-layered coating of zinc-iron alloy and zinc metal.  This results in a metallurgical reaction between the iron in the steel and the molten zinc.  The reaction is known as a diffusion process which makes the coating forms perpendicular to all surfaces creating a uniform thickness throughout the part. 

  • Oil removal
  • Surface cleaning with acid treatment (pickling
  • Rinsing
  • Flux
  • Drying
  • Hot-dip galvanizing
  • Cooling
  • Passivation
  • Leveling

The hot dip galvanizing lines produce high quality strip products with maximum process and high capacity for the following applications.

  • Household appliances
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Exposed and non-exposed automotive applications
Innov Engineering Features
  • Exceptional duration
  • Integral protection of the parts
  • Triple Protection
  • Physical barrier
  • Electrochemical protection
  • Self-cured
  • No maintenance required
Customer Benefits
  • Excellent mechanical equipment, furnace, air wiping, and post-treatment
  • Excellent coatings for all the required steel grades
  • Maximized production capacity
  • Low environmental impact
  • Low operating costs
  • High process flexibility
  • Application on wide range of products and coating types
  • Quality finished products
  • Production of all steel grades

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