Products and Solutions


Innov Engineering provides quality inspection and condition lines for enhancing and certifying the quality of hot rolled bars by inspecting and removing possible defects on them.

The inspection and conditioning lines are used to inspect and condition rolled bars accurately piece by piece before shipping, and it is very important to manufacture bars to maintain their traceability.

By increasing the detectability of defects on bars, our inspection and condition products have reduced the scratches by cutting the number of times the bars are handled, advanced surface inspecting accuracy by automating manual inspection, and enhanced bar quality.

The inspection and condition products are high precise and high specification surface inspecting equipment for high bar quality assurance system.

Innov Engineering USPs
  • Experience in inspection and conditioning technology
  • Deep knowledge, practical experience, and activities in rolling mill process
  • Familiarity with requirements of bar industry end users
  • Advanced Technology covering all requirements
  • Customer-centric operation and service
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • High performance lines with high automation degree
Innov Engineering Advantages
  • Ideal for processing a wide variety of steel grades
  • Produced with strict adherence to all current specifications for dimensional tolerance and defect-free quality
  • Improved bar straightness
  • Accurate external and internal flaws detected
  • Able to mark 100% tested defect free bars

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