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With state-of-the-art designs and engineering technology, Innov Engineering offers and supplies advanced Electric Arc Furnaces (EAFs) which produce steel, using scrap as raw material. Our EAFs significantly increase productivity by preheating and feeding raw material simultaneously.

The EAFs can produce heat sizes from 3 tons to 200 t, and by utilizing electrical and chemical energy, they can take in raw materials up to 100% scrap and various mixes of hot metal, pig iron, DRI (hot and/or cold), and HBI.

  • All steel scraps
  • Hot metal crap
  • Pelletizing and preheating steel scrap
  • Hot briquetted iron
  • Sponge iron, etc.
Mechanical Features
  • Series reactor
  • On-load tap changer
  • Frame-type full water-cooling structure furnace body
  • Detachable upper and lower furnace shells
  • Concentric circular tubular furnace cover in the water-cooling structure,
  • Oxygen lance at the furnace door and burner on the furnace wall
  • Proportional valve controlling electrode lifting, rotation of furnace cover and furnace tilting
  • A whole set of computer control system and computer screen monitoring system
Innov Engineering Advantages
  • Improved system impedance
  • Secondary high-voltage
  • Long-arc and low current operation with stable arc and high arc power
  • Capable of producing the full range of steel grades
  • Not dependent on a particular type of charge
  • Low capital outlay
  • Melting process can be programmed and automated
  • High efficiency and flexibility

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