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ROTARY KILN (Coal-Based DRI Plant)

Innov Engineering is a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced and custom-made rotary kilns used to heat solids at high temperatures, ensuring durability, efficiency, and longevity.

We design custom solutions to provide effective and low-maintenance rotary kilns operations for quality sponge iron production through our extensive knowledge and expertise.

Sponge iron, also called Direct-reduced iron (DRI) is produced from direct reduction of iron ore by a reducing gas produced from coal. The reducing gas is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide which acts as reducing agent.

Rotary Kiln Process

The material is entered into one side of the kiln and as the rotation occurs, the material slides down through the tube and goes through a certain amount of mixing and stirring. Hot gasses pass through the kiln, and these gases either come from an external furnace or may be generated inside the kiln. 

  • Length to Diameter Ratio – 14 to 16
  • Specific Heat Consumption (for Clinker) - 695 to 750 Kcal/Kg
  • Main drive – variable speed drive
  • Designed to use alternative fuels
  • Process automation and instrumentation for optimum operational control
  • Better inlet and outlet sealing
  • Hydraulic thruster providing control to the Kiln axial movement
  • Three support roller stations
  • Optimal safety
  • Provision of throat adjuster
  • Parallel or counter current flow
  • Optimized Refractory Lining Solutions
  • Engineered shell to eliminate distortion and misalignment
Main Components
  • Various Seal Options
  • Machined Bases
  • Screw Conveyor Feeder
  • Automatic Gear Lubrication System
  • Exhaust Gas Handling Equipment
  • Ductwork
  • Various Burner Configurations
  • Components for increasing efficiency (flights, dams, bed disturbers, etc.)
Other Components
  • Discharge Breeching
  • Riding Ring/Tire
  • Refractory Lining
  • Gear/Sprocket Guard
  • Counter Current Exhaust System
  • Inlet Chute
  • Inlet Breeching
  • Leaf Seal
  • Drive Base
  • Drive Chain
  • Pinion/Drive Sprocket
  • Pillow Block Bearing
  • Gear Reducer
  • Girth Sprocket
  • Drive Motor
  • Trunnion Base
  • Drum Shell Riding Ring
  • Graphite Block Lubrication Assembly
  • Trunnion Wheel
  • Trunnion Guard
  • Pillow Block Bearing
  • Thrust Roller Assembly
  • Discharge Chute
  • Burner

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